Our guest bath was one of the first painting projects we tackled in the house because we knew a little facelift could turn this bathroom from groddy to “eh that’s kind of cute!”  We decided to do all the bathrooms with the same paint, Behr Premium Plus Ultra in Swan Sea so we wouldn’t have tons of half-used gallons of semi-gloss sitting around. Also the since the tile and fixtures in our guest bath are tan/pinkish and the fixtures in the master bath are gray, the color palette is a little different anyway. In a few years (hopefully sooner than later) we’ll completely demo this bathroom and start over, but for right now the budget required us to work as much as we could with stuff on hand.

As a reminder, this is where we started. 

bathroom sink before

Whole Bathroom Before

One of the first things we did was remove the old shower doors. Think black dirty caulking holding that thing onto the shower.  I have nothing against shower doors. When they’re sparkly and new and go with the design of the bathroom they can be gorgeous, but these had to go!

Luckily removing shower doors is SUPER easy. Usually you just have to unscrew the rail from each side where it’s connected to the tile and then use a putty knife to pry up the bottom rail which is most likely caulked REALLY well to the tub.   Easy peasy! (If you’re worried about scratching the tub make sure you use a plastic putty knife!)

Montana Removing Shower Doors

Sorry ladies. That handyman is locked down.  He also did most of the painting for this project. *Swoon*

Guest Bathroom After

The shower curtain we had in the condo but was originally from Bed Bath and Beyond.  The floor mats are also leftover from the condo and from BBB. The towels are Calvin Klein from Marshalls.  The chrome hardware came as a set from Costco. I forgot to take a picture once we put the white blinds back up. Those will stay until I have time to make some curtains. I’m thinking roman blinds.

Here’s facing the sink from the shower…

All together this temporary facelift cost about $100 since all we bought new was the towel set and the hardware. We didn’t even use a half of the gallons of the white or Swan Sea.  Most importantly, while we save for a complete remodel, it feels much more serene than before. What do you think? Worth a Benjamin?


Won’t you come in?

Montana and I looked at houses online for about a year before we finally bought our house. About a month out we drove around neighborhoods a couple of weekends in a row and scoped out around 30 homes before finally picking a handful we wanted to tour with our agent. When we walked in our stoneybrooke house we immediately felt at home. The layout on the main level was a huge part of that as it has such a great natural flow.

When you walk through the front door, the kitchen is directly ahead.

I love the kitchen because its spacious, open to the family room (living room? seriously who can tell the difference between those two!) and has enough cupboards for all my dishes.

Things I’m not so much a fan of about the kitchen are that the cabinets are mostly laminate other than the doors,

the sink is ridiculously shallow so water gets everywhere when you wash larger dishes,

…and the counters are tile which are very hard to clean.  Also, the kitchen is painted this loooooveelyy rag rolled salmon. Ahh. Unfortunately the previous owners were quite the fans of rag rolling. It’s all over the upstairs too.

Directly right of the kitchen is the family room. I’m so so so excited that we don’t have to tear down a wall to have an open kitchen!!!! The kitchen always seems like the place where people gather at parties so it’s nice to have the living room as a kind of overfill spot. The living room will be Ben’s (the bun buns) area since he LOVES the carpet and it’s something we could tell he missed when we lived in the condo. At the condo he didn’t run around and play so much because he HATED the hardwood floors. Ben’s been exploring the main floor a lot since we moved in.

The family room has a door leading to the car port which got some immediate love when we moved in. Introducing our new Schlage locks!

Connected to the family room and to the right of the front door is the office! How cool is that! Did I mention how this house is SO much more than we hoped for?! Right now Montana’s desk is in there but the sellers left us two desks. One of the desks David is using in his room and the other we have in our room upstairs. Montana’s been dragging his chair up and down the stairs so he can study in quiet and not keep me up. We really need to get another office chair but one thing at a time!

Between the front door and the office is a powder room and Samson’s eating area. We had Samson’s food and water a few places for the first couple weeks we were here but settled on this hallway.  This nook is a just big enough space, it’s on the tile, and its out-of-the-way of where we’ll usually be walking. We had to get him an oversized place mat because Samson could beat any toddler in a messiest eater contest. Guaranteed.

Got to love those hollywood lights. Haha. Oh well…

To the left of the front door is our living room. We’re using all the furniture we had before for now until we get more settled on colors.

The only thing “new” in that room is the TV stand which I found on craiglist last week for $75! So exciting! Our old TV stand was only 46” long which was fine for our 40” TV, but we got a second TV earlier this year that is 60” and is WAY too big for our old TV stand. The “new” TV stand had doors in front of where we have the verizon box and the PS3 and 3 drawers but we removed them to make shelves. We’ll have to clean it up a little more still and I’m considering painting it eventually or maybe just staining it darker.   It’s in pretty good shape though for now so it’s not something that needs to get done right away.

Our dining room is still pretty bare but has our AWESOMEST (yes that is a word) Craigslist find ever. Someone posted this Ethan Allen China Hutch for only $150!!!!! AMAZING considering that similar sets go for $4-$6 thousand there! Yes, it’s from the 80’s but I think it’s gorgeous. This also might get painted but I haven’t decided yet. Part of me feels too bad because it’s in such good condition.


Well that’s it! There’s been lots going on around here so I haven’t been able to post as often as I hoped but maybe things will calm down soon? Yeah, probably not.

Who’s found something awesome on Craigslist lately?

****I looked up the difference between family and living room on Wikipedia and had to switch them around in my post. I had them backwards!