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I’m Anne Carter, and I blog sporadically (at best) about my passion for all things renovating and decor.  I grew up in Northern California with parents that DIYed before it was cool.  There’s nothing my mom couldn’t cook, create, or sew, and my dad could fix anything mechanical, electrical or construction related.  My first car was even a DIY project, a few years-long restoration of a 1962 WV Bug that had been in the family since it was new!

After college I moved to Northern Virginia for work and met my husband Montana, a former marine.  Montana’s a good southern boy and loves hard work. When we first started talking about what we wanted in a house, we were a bit nervous to buy a fixer upper because we didn’t have our parents nearby to help us through renovations. But, the only thing scarier than learning to DIY via video chat or google is making the hour-plus commute everyday that would be necessary to afford a new single family home in our price range. God always provides and had a perfect house for us in a beautiful old neighborhood of Alexandria, VA. We fell in love with our colonial, built in 1971 the first time we walked through.  A few months after we bought our house, our niece, Tiffany came to live with us and has been our DIY helper!

We also have 3 pets that like to photobomb. Benjamin is our rabbit, and our two fluffy guard dogs are Samson and Thunder.

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  1. ummmmm, what about your pup? Isn’t he part of the fambam too?


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