I thought I’d finish up our house tour today…

Upstairs our house technically has 4 bedrooms and 2 baths. Three smaller bedrooms share a hallway bathroom and then the master bedroom has its own bath. Right now its set up as a 3 bedroom because the wall between the master bedroom and one of the smaller bedrooms was knocked out to create a sitting room. It works well for us now as we don’t plan on having kids for a few more years but eventually we might need to put that wall back in to create a fourth bedroom.

The guest bedroom was HANDS DOWN the most hideous room in the house when we moved in. First of all, the previous owners had a love affair with sponge paint as you saw in the kitchen that they decided to really explore with moss green paint all over the walls and trim. I’m still trying to figure out what the deal is with sponging over trim.

Guest Bedroom


The ceiling was sky blue (of course), but it does have a nice skylight.


The inside of the closets had this awesome wallpaper. Yes please, love that…said no one ever.


Needless to say, this bedroom is HIGH on our “to be painted” list.

The second guest bedroom thankfully didn’t have any offensive paint but it did still have some rockin wallpaper in the closet. Seriously can someone explain this to me?

The hallway bathroom. Oh geez. Hideousness. Clearly they knew the shower doors were super ugly since they had a shower curtain bar right above them. (Sorry for the blurry photo!)

Pink and tan tile and an awesome shell sink. Lets bring this style back people!

Thankfully the previous owners left behind some sweet sea shells on string to class up the place. Yesssss.

Basically this bathroom needs a total demo job done on it so we’ll only be doing a very minor facelift this year.

The sitting room! Or what I affectionately refer to as “that room that should just be a big closet.” Montana’s been holding me back. Thank goodness. Because I think it would look awesome as a giant built-in closet. The sitting room door is on the left and the door on the right is for the master. Apparently I haven’t taken pictures since we unpacked… Oops! I haven’t come up with a plan yet on how to decorate this room so it’ll probably evolve slowly with the master bedroom.

Turning around to the master bedroom. These pictures were taken after we had time to collect a few things during the first couple of weeks. Ok scratch that… the only photo I can find with the closet and master bath doors is from the first day in the house.

Notice the horrible paint job and AGAIN the sponge paint on the trim.  I generally prefer sleeping places that look dirty. What I love the most about the master is the laundry shoot. Yay!!!!! I was always jealous of my friends growing up that had them in their houses. What I hate most… the bad placement of the windows. There’s no wall big enough to center a bed without blocking a window. I’m planning to take out the window behind the bed when we replace all the windows and put a double wide window on the back wall of the house.

The master bath has had the most work done on it. I’m not a huge fan of gray tubs sinks and toilets but at least they’re not tan so this bathroom will probably last in its current state for a long time.

Hello random second sink…

The tub is jacuzzi tub which is awesome for my sweetie who likes his relaxing baths but its super noisy and we managed to crack the gel coat within a week of moving in. I’ll go over how we fixed that in a future post.

So that’s the upstairs! We’ve already started doing some work up there but I’ll go room by room with my plans while I unveil whats been happening.

Am I the only crazy that gets way too excited about laundry shoots? ‘Cause seriously that thing is amazing.

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  1. Hey Anne & Montana..

    You all are still doing a great job on the upgrades..and again, things take time to get done..with work and school it can be a challenge..As far as the laundry shoot goes – I’ve only had the opportunity to use one, when I was staying with some relatives in New York many years ago..and they swear by it..it is a good and convenient thing..

    Looking forward to football season!

    Take care..


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