(When love=mulch)

When we had our trees removed we also had the tree service grind the stumps.  They took most of the branches and trunks away, but they left us huge piles of mulch.   Awesome! We totally needed it somewhere else in the yard!

The doors that lead outside from our family room go directly onto a wood deck.  Our neighbors said it used to be a nice natural color but it was painted grey right before the house was put on the market this spring. I’m trying not to think too hard about what it was they were trying to cover up. Unfortunately the deck is square so even though we have a sliding glass door exiting from the dining room on the other side of the kitchen, it leads straight to dirt/mud.

We have BIG plans for changing up the patio area quite a bit in a year or two but in the meantime we just needed to solve the mud problem. Northern Virginia summers mean there’s never more than a day or two between thunderstorms and Samson has done a marvelous job turning our cream carpet to brown even though we’ve tried putting down rugs, towels and blankets to stop him from tracking in the outside.

Enter the roots! First we moved all of the random pavers out of the mud and used some edging bricks to create a boundary between our “patio area” and our to-be-planted lawn.

Then we filled in the area with the wood chips, and reset the pavers to create a walkway from the dining room doors to the deck.  Finally, Samson’s pool came into the wood chip area so he doesn’t get dirty on the way from bath time to the house.

We had a little leftover after doing the area outside the dining room and used the rest to fill in a muddy area between our deck and the fence gate. Ahhh… no more mud…well no more mud close to the house!

It definitely doesn’t have the “wow” factor, but it’s a huge improvement over the mud and will work for us over for a while!


We’ve been taking it easy the last week or two and trying to just “be still” but I’m still behind in writing about a few projects. I hope your summer has started off great!

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  1. Derrick Wright

    You all have done quite a bit of work in so little time…and without a whole lot of help! Great job!

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