…Unless you’re a stranger/wierdo/crazy in which case we’ll have a great door lock to keep you out. While we plan on changing out all the knobs throughout the house eventually we’re starting with the essentials first, the front door and carport door. Who knows how many randos have keys to our current locks? We considered calling a locksmith to just re-key the locks for us, but why pay for new keys when your hardware looks like this:


Old Front Door Lock


Old Carport Lock

Picking out locks turned out a bit harder than expected. Based on recent reviews by some of my fav bloggers such as Katie (Bower Power) and Michelle (Decor and the Dog) I was ready to walk into home depot, pick out some oil rubbed bronze Kwickset locks and be on my way.

We knew we needed a handleset for the front door and we planned on getting one of those fancy schmancy keypad deadbolts for the carport door. Keypad deadbolts are a bit more (around $50 – $80 more than a standard deadbolt) but its soooo nice to not have to take keys with you running or to be able to type your pin in when you forget your keys inside. When I bought my car 2 years ago I thought the keypad lock was a cute feature but have come to LOVE the extra convenience of being able to just punch my pin in the door when I can’t find my keys in the bottom of my slightly too large purse.

The first bump in the road came when the dear hubs voiced his distaste for the ORB finish. Say what? Apparently he prefers satin nickel. After spending a good half hour looking at Kwikset, Baldwin and Schlage locks I noticed that the ORB finish on the hardware across all brands seemed a little more expensive and there was an inconsistent finish across different types of knobs/levers that we will need to buy later on for the house. Satin Nickel wins.

The second bump was a bigger bummer. Although I really liked that you can easily re-key your own Kwikset locks, the inside half of their keypad deadbolt is…wait for it…. PLASTIC. What the heck???? No thank you! So instead of the slightly cheaper Kwikset deadbolt we decided to go with the Schlage Camelot Keypad Deadbolt. This lock is solid metal and weighs over 5 pounds. Oh, did I mention it’s also a Consumer’s Digest Best Buy?

Schlage Camelot Keypad Deadbolt

While the rest of the Kwikset locks and knobs looked like they were good quality, Schlage keys are bigger so the only way to have a single set of keys was to go with another Schlage lock for the front door. We settled on the Schlage Camelot Handleset for the outside.

Schlage Camelot Handleset

For the inside of the door (and eventually the rest of the house) we like the Schlage Flair Lever.


Schlage Flair Interior Handleset

Now we just have to wait for them to arrive!


  1. YOU GO GIRL! So excited for you and the hubby! LOVE the door hardware selections too! We have the same set on our front door and love it- it’s the one we bought when we first bought our house and then it was changed out during our show… it’s back now and about to remake it’s blog debut! 😉

    Seriously can’t wait to follow along with your new adventures! Again, congrats on the home AND the blog!

  2. Hi there!

    I wanted to say congratulations on your new home and thank you for the mention of our electronic keypad deadbolt! We’re glad you like it as much as we do. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions!

    Laura from Schlage

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