After two weeks of being in the house I’ve finally made it to the point where I can breathe a little at night and do something other than clean/unpack. I still have plenty of that to do, but it’s getting better slowly.  I’ve decided to do a bottom up review of the house so that has us starting with a tour of the basement! I’m sure some of you (ahem, Joan…) were starting to think I’d never actually get any pictures up! Without any further ado… our basement.  I’ll start with pictures from the day after we moved in and then show you the progress (even though its only a little) that we’ve made in the past two weeks.
The sellers left this glorious couch for us in the living room. I didn’t actually touch it or look at it closely and just told the boys to put it in the basement when we were moving our stuff in and figured we’d throw a sheet over it or something for a while.  Or not… we found a mouse trap in it.  And as you can see its pretty grody.  It only lasted 3 days down there.

One thing we really like about the basement is that there’s a finished area and an unfinished area. I actually am not a huge fan of the closets in the finished area just because I think they’re in strange places and they make the room more narrow. Getting rid of the closets on either side would give us another 4 feet or so of with on the room but we’ll see if we ever get around to moving them.

Montana found the weight system on Craigslist a few weeks before we moved and convinced the seller to keep it for us until we moved.  I gave Montana a hard time about the fact that it was the first thing to get set up in the house, but I have to give him credit for actually using it everyday since we’ve moved in. (He’s in love.)  We put our second TV down there so that I can use it for Wii Fit or my workout DVDs… I swear I’m going to actually use them. Also, I can watch my shows on the “main” TV in the living room while they boys do their video game thing in their playroom. 🙂

Our unfinished area has a good amount of space for storage and they left a bunch of plastic cabinets for organizing which is great. Unfortunately most of our stuff is still a mess but we’re working on it slowly. I love that we have a huge workbench down there already although eventually when we enclose the carport into a garage I can see us moving the workbench to the garage.

Samson is still getting used to the basement. He was a little afraid to go down there at first but now he comes down for a minute or two to say hi before racing back up the stairs to the safe kitchen.
Here’s our little bit of progress over the past two weeks.
Next up, main floor tour!


  1. Excited to see the rest!!!!

  2. looking good!!!!

  3. Please tell me there was not a MOUSE in the mousetrap….

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