Move-In weekend I dutifully took pictures of every room of the house along with the front and back yard. I figured since we were able to finish moving in on Saturday (two whole days earlier than planned!), we’d finish cleaning the carpet at the old condo on Sunday and start unpacking. And, since I’d planned to take off Monday already, we’d have a whole extra day in which we were sure to be mostly unpacked.

Then we realized we had poison ivy in the yard, so off to Lowes we went to get round-up.  Of course while we were there we also needed to get a lawnmower and weed-eater (there must be a technical name for that…) since the previous owners hadn’t kept the yard up since we put in our offer and we didn’t want to be “those people” on the block even if we had just moved in.  The boys ended up spending afternoon Sunday and all day Monday spraying the ivy and moving the lawn/weeds in the rest of the yard.  Samson played in his pool.

Men at Work: Montana & David

I decided to tackle the kitchen unpacking first. Too bad the kitchen needed a few hours of scrubbing grease off the cabinets and vacuuming crumbs and wiping down the inside of drawers. Did I say hours? My bad, what I meant was that I spent a good 8 hours on Monday, then every night Tuesday-Thursday as soon as I got home from work until Midnight scrubbing the kitchen. The grout was no joke black when I started.

Grout Before

First, I tried dish soap, baking soda and warm water, then 409, then bleach which I let sit for about a half hour. It’s no longer black, and I know its “clean” but it’s still not pretty or cream-colored like its supposed to be.

Grout After

Anyone have an amazing secret for cleaning grout that I haven’t tried?


This weekend was insane. I actually started writing all about it but along with the theme of the weekend “everything that can go wrong will” the page refreshed before I had saved it and its gone. Bwah. I’ll rewrite it soon!


  1. *cough* tilex with bleach *cough cough* its what me and the girls use for the mold in the bathroom also tilex mold and mildew is pretty bomb.

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